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AYSO Region 718 SOCCER Sycamore, Illinois

Policy and Procedures for Covid-19

Sycamore AYSO Region 718 is working on ways to safely have our Spring 2021 program.

As of 1-31-2021, we have made some changes so please read this entire page and all sections before registering your child for spring soccer.
  • ALL coupon codes that have been issued from the cancelation of Spring 2020 soccer, will be valid until 6-31-2021.  They can be used for spring or fall registration.  
  • We are looking to begin practice the week of 4-26-2021
  • We are looking to start games on 5-1-2021 and end by 6-12-2021 weather permitting
Notable Changes
  • All games will be every Saturday with the exception of Memorial Day weekend.
  • We will look to have all games completed by 12:30pm but we may have to go into early afternoon to make sure we account for social distancing.
  • As much as possible, we will try to play any makeup games during the week in place of practices.
  • There will be NO end of the season tournament for any level.
  • As of 3-12-2021, face masks are required for all players at all times including during practices and games and if this changes, we will let you know.  
  • Face masks or shield for coaches and AYSO volunteers during games and practices are mandatory if social distancing can't be followed.
  • We will be using the uniforms that we purchased for the spring 2020 season.  We will do our best to make sure that every child is comfortable in the issued uniform.  If we have to order a uniform for your child, that will not take place until 5-3-2021 and it will take approx 3-4 weeks to get the uniform.  
  • We are currently under Phase 4 of the Illinois Restore Plan.  According to IDPH regulations, we are allowed to play inter-region games.  Our 14/15U and 19U will only play other AYSO teams in region 1.
  • If IPDH or the DeKalb County Health Dept. change the guidance for soccer, we will adjust and conform to the new guidance.  
Refund Information
  • Once your player is issued a uniform, no refund will be given if your player gets a positive Covid-19 diagnosis and is unable to play or finish the season.
  • Once your player is issued a uniform, no refund will be given if your player cant play due to a positive Covid-19 diagnosis within your house. 
  • Starting on 5-1-2021 or when the 1st game is played, the only refund that will be issued is if you are moving or for a medical situation other than Covid-19.  Even after that, only a partial refund will be issued.
  • Starting on 5-1-2021 or when the 1st game is played, if Region 1 moves to a different phase and as a result soccer can not be played, no refund will be issued.  At this point, we have already paid for the players National AYSO dues, uniforms, our Park District fee for the use of the fields and our Vision 20/20 payment.
  • If Region 1 moves to a different phase and as a result soccer can not be played prior to April 14th, a full refund will only be issued minus the transaction fee. 
  • ALL refunds will be issued towards the original credit card only and no cash or check refunds will be given.
What are we doing as a region
  • We will be very open with communication.  If we have a participant who test positive or must quarantine based on guidelines from the CDC or IDPH for Covid-19, that information will be communicated to the team while maintaining confidentiality regarding the health status and player information.  
  • Schedule practice and games with social distancing in mind.  We will stagger start and end time and it may require us to shorten practice times to allow all teams to practice.
  • Create a communication pathway for parents to voice their concerns or questions they may have.  
  • Send reminders to families about expectations and Covid-19 related guidelines
  • Make sure that all teams from 10U and up is provide keeper gloves 
What happens in the event of a player or household member test positive for Covid-19
  • When any member of the household has a positive Covid-19 diagnosis, that player must get a physicians clearance for them to return to play.  That player must also follow all CDC and IDPH guidelines including isolating for the required amount of time.  
  • Proof of a negative Covid-19 must be submitted to Kevin Toedter (Regional Commissioner) at [email protected]  Once Kevin reviews the medical clearance, he will then let the coach know and then you maybe allow to participate in AYSO events.  
  • Kevin Toedter must report ALL positive Covid-19 diagnosis's to the DeKalb County Health Dept.  
Coaches Responsibility
  • Coaches should maintain social distancing requirements on the sidelines
  • Wearing your own face mask or shield for the duration of the practice and games is mandatory if social distancing cant be followed. 
  • Ensure all players have and handle their own labeled equipment (ball, water bottle, training disks, etc.)
  • Coach should be the only person to handle coaching equipment (e.g.: cones, disks, etc.); do not let parents or attendees assist.
  • Hand sanitizer or hand-washing on arrival, mid-way, and end of training session.  Region will provide hand sanitizer to each team.
  • No shared equipment.  
  • No physical greeting of players (verbal acknowledgement is expected)
  • Report to Regional Commissioner if a parent states that a player or family member tested positive for Covid-19
Parent/Spectators Responsivities
  • Ensure your child is healthy. Check for Covid-19 symptoms and test child’s temperature before departing for soccer (if above 100.4, do not attend)
  • When registering your player, you will have to sign a Covid-19 waiver.  By signing this waiver, you agree that if your child is at an AYSO event, they are symptom free according to CDC and IDPH guidelines and that nobody in their household has any Covid-19 symptoms.  
  • Face masks or shields are recommended but nor require at all practices and games.  Abide by social distancing guidelines while at games. 
  • Designated areas for parents will be marked on the field and must be followed
  • Recommended that all equipment (ball, cleats, shin guards, etc.) are sanitized before and after every practice
  • Each player must have their own hand sanitizing products with them at every session
  • Notify your Coach or Regional Commissioner immediately when your child/player or family member test positive for Covid-19
  • Do not assist coach with equipment before or after training
  • Abide by social distancing and new spectator layout
  • We are ONLY allowed 50 spectators at each field per game or practice according to IDPH guidelines.  There also has to be at least 30ft between each group of 50  people so please limit the amount of people at each game that comes.  Please do NOT allow your children to run around. 
  • Please make sure to use the Team Manager App.  This will allow us to keep track of all player on days of an event.  More details on the App will be in a separate email.  
  • No community snacks for during or after the game
Players Responsibilities
  • Inform parents or a coach is they feel sick
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after a practice or game
  • Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment
  • Practice social distancing, place bags and equipment at least 6 feet apart
  • No sharing drinks or use of water fountains at facility (players should mark their own water bottles)
  • No physical greetings with their teammates (verbal acknowledgement is expected). We are physical distancing not social
  • No handshake before or after the game is allowed
  • When you are NOT playing, they must wear their face mask if 6ft of distance cannot be maintained

Spring Registration Details

Spring 2021 Registration will open on 2-01-2021 for our waitlist only to start.  On 3-12-2021, if we are still allowed to play under the IDPH guidelines,  every player will be activated that registered for the waitlist and you will have until April 4th 2021 to log in and pay.  If you change your mind after registering for the waitlist, please email [email protected] with your child's first and last name and please tell us that you would like us to cancel your child's spring 2021 registration. As soon as we cancel your child's registration, we will send you a message letting you know that your request has been completed.  

Spring 2021 Registration Information

Here is our typically timetable for our registration process:

  • Open early registration for at least 5 weeks at a discounted rate
  • After the discounted rate has expired, we allow an additional 2-3 weeks for registration
  • Close registration to allow us to make teams.  This process typically take approx 1-2 weeks to complete.  
  • Order uniforms.  We typically have a 4-6 week lead time to receive uniforms for our season.  
  • During this time, we find all of our coaches that we need for our teams.  In the spring we typically need at least 100+ coaches and that would give each team a Head and Asst Coach.  
  • Have our coaches meeting, pass out roster and uniforms.
  • Have a few nights for equipment pickup
  • Start practices 2 weeks before our first game.  

Spring 2021 timetable:

  • Open wait-list registration ONLY starting on 2-1-2021.  No payment will be taken at that time.
  • On 3-12-2021, if IDPH guidelines allow us to play based on what phase of the Restore Illinois Plan we are at, paid registration will open on 3-13-2021 and go until all spots are filled in each division. 
  • On 3-13-2021, ALL players that have registered for the waitlist will receive an activation email asking you to log back in and pay the spring fee.  This fee must be paid prior to April 4th, no exceptions.  
  • Make teams the week of April 12th 
  • Get coaches who have registered to coach to take their online training courses.  Every Sunday starting on 2-14-2021 and every Sunday after that, if you do sign up to be a coach, we will email you the specific online training that needs to be completed.  This can be done at your own pace but must be completed prior to the 1st practice.
  • Have a coaches meeting to go over all policies and procedures the week of April 19th and hand out the player uniforms, rosters and equipment needed.    
  • Start practice the week of April 26th
  • First game Saturday May 1st.  
As you can see, our timetable for this spring will be condensed and we have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time this year.  

We only honor sibling requests to play together on the same team.  Sorry but we will not honor any request a parent has to place their child on a specific team for any reason.   

To register please look at the top of the page and if you are a new user to this site then hit the "Register Now" or if you have registered in the past on this site hit the "Login Button" and complete ALL required areas. 

We will NOT have a walk-in registration for this spring.  If you need financial assistance, we are here to help.  Please email [email protected] with your child's name(s) and the year that they were born and we will respond from there.  Please allow 48 hours for us to get back to you.  

Our registration process has changed and is streamlined to allow you to register faster.  ALL waivers in bold blue must be e-signed before you can move on to the next step in the registration process and everything can be done on your phone if you choose.  Please don't forget that our program runs on all volunteers.  When registering your child, you can easily sign up to volunteer at the same time. 

Spring of 2021 registration is as follows:

  • Early registration is only open from 2-01-2021 to 4-4-2021.  On 4-5-2021, the registration will will increase by $50.00 per player. 

  • Registration will close for all divisions and go to our waitlist once we receive the max. amount of players for that division.  

  • Please click here to see the age chart that your child will be placed in.  When you are reading the age chart, we are currently in MY2020.

  • This is the division that your child will be placed in based off of what year they are born
    • 5U Division 2016-2017
    • 6U Division 2015
    • 8U Division 2013-2014
    • 10U Division 2011-2012
    • 12U Division 2009-2010
    • 14U Division 2007-2008
    • 17U Division 2004-2006


    We will work through this process and make sure that we place your child in the correct division but keep in mind that your child may not be playing with their friends or kids in their grade.  Also keep in mind that according to our National Laws that govern soccer, we can not move a player DOWN a division, we can only move them UP.

    If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or Kevin Toedter, Sycamore Regional Commissioner.  Please allow 48 hours for a response.  

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