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AYSO Region 718 SOCCER Sycamore, Illinois

Welcome Coaches


Welcome to AYSO Region 718 and we thank you for volunteering your time and service to our program.

It is important that you understand and implement AYSO's philosophy, for it is you who will have the most contact with and impact upon our young participants.

Remember that we are playing the game for fun, and for the fun of the children. While you should encourage the very best performance out of your team, never lose sight of the fact that it is just a game.

Attention New & Returning Volunteers
Important: Volunteer Information Below


Steps to Become a Coach

All Coaches

1) Sign up as a volunteer

Go to the region website (you should already be on it)
Click on the login/register link in the upper right of the homepage.
Once you are logged in it takes you to your My Account page.    On the tabs to the left click on Volunteer, this will take you to "my volunteer roles"
From there click on the button on the right side "Find Volunteer Roles"
Select current season (e.g. - Spring 2021 Core), then click on view roles.
Find your age group and click on Head or Assistant coach
Follow the steps to completion and that will enter you into the coach's queue.

2) Complete Online Safety Training

Under the same login and while on your account page, click on "volunteer" and then "AYSOU".  This will direct you to our training site AYSO etrainu.  once in the site, you can click on Training Library and then take the needed course(s).  

Safety Courses Needed are all found under the Safe Haven Tab.  1.  Safe Haven (if you have previously taken safe haven, then take the update if needed), 2.  Sudden Cardia Arrest and 3. CDC Concussion.  If you at any point have taken all these courses and there are no updates to take, then you can move to the next step.  

5U, 6U, 8U, & 10U Coaches
-Complete Age-Appropriate Online Coaching Course

Under Coaching Courses, select the appropriate course & complete the course. (6U Coaching Training, 8U Coaching Training or 10U Coaching Training)

-Attend the appropriate Field Course if required

12U Coaches
Complete the online 12U Coaching Training Pre-Course at AYOSU
Attend the 2-Day, 12U Classroom & Field Session (Register at AYSOU under In Person Training)

14U, 16U & 19U Coaches
Attend the Intermediate (14U) or Advanced (16U & 19U) In Person Coach Course
14U Division requirement which requires prior U12 experience
16U-19U requires requires prior Intermediate (14U) coaching experience.

How old do I have to be to coach?
You must be 18 years old or older to be an AYSO coach.

If you have any questions, please contact: Kevin at [email protected]


Remember the 'Everyone Plays" rule. Every one of your player's must play at least three quarters of each game during the regular season and during the playoffs. It is suggested that the same players should not always sit out the first quarter of each game, so that they do not think of themselves as permanent substitutes.

Cooperate with the referees. They are volunteers like you and make mistakes like you. And please insist that the parents of the players maintain decorum at all times. Remember - we do not allow protests.  Hold practices, one or two a week. They mean more than the games. I strongly recommend two, depending on your own time commitments.  Make sure you know the game and the coaching techniques found to be most successful. We have available for you several publications / videos' s which ran help you, and we will hold a series of clinics to further your knowledge.

Make sure you know the game and the coaching techniques found to be most successful.  We have made available for you several publications/ video‚Äôs which can help you, and we will hold a series of clinics to further your knowledge.

Thanks, and good luck this season    Thanks again for volunteering  

Volunteer Registration

Welcome to Sycamore AYSO Region 718! 
Please make sure that you login to the Registration Management System (Sports Connect, formerly Blue Sombrero) with your own 
username. This eliminates many issues with the background check process and login/access issues with our training platform.


If you register your children, PLEASE DO NOT SIGNUP YOUR SPOUSE or OTHER FAMILY MEMBER TO VOLUNTEER even though the system will allow it, please do not signup other individuals for any of the available volunteer roles.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer must first create their own username. You can invite them as an Additional Account Holder (this is recommended as they will be linked to your family account) but they MUST FIRST respond to the Account Invite email and create their own username.

If you did not use your Legal Name when you created your username/account, please Edit this information BEFORE you submit your volunteer application. The Background Check will require your Legal Name. For example, do not use Jen or Jenny, Bill or Wes if your Legal Name is Jennifer, William, Wesley, etc.

Thank you!

After you sign-up for a volunteer position, if you are a new Volunteer or your background check has expired or near expiration you will receive an email from Sterling Volunteers asking you to complete the Background Check process. Please look for that email and complete this step as soon as possible.

If you find the email and the link has expired, you must contact Sterling.

Search Tip: 
You can search the Subject for: "Here's the link" or use other general search terms such as: "Sterling Volunteers", "American Youth Soccer Organization", or "The Advocates".

Sample email: 
click below to see a larger image

Issues with Middle Name or Middle Initial

The system may generate a message in regard to the Middle Name and may not let you continue. If you encounter this issue, select the option indicating you do not have a Middle Name (even if you do). This will allow you to successfully complete the process. We will follow-up with AYSO if this results in any issues with your Background Check.

Sterling Website Login or Account Issues
If you encounter any problems logging into the Sterling website or you have forgotten your username or password and do not receive a Reset email, please contact Sterling Support. They are the only ones that can resolve those issues.

Once you have completed the background check, you will then have access to our training platform.  Please refer to the section on this page titled "Steps To Become A Coach" and complete the training needed to take the field.  



Thank you for volunteering!

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